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Monterey County Hospitals Contribute $1.6 Billion To The Local Economy : Thank You CHOMP, Natividad Medical Center, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital And Mee Memorial Hospital

by Richard Kuehn on 10/20/14

The nonprofit firm Hospital Council of Northern and Central California analyzed hospitals in order to determine what the economic impact is from them, and those in Monterey County contribute $1.6 billion to the local economy, it was estimated.  That includes direct spending, local purchases and employee spending.  The four hospitals have a whopping 3,648 full-time employees and a combined annual payroll of $359.6 million.  Patient revenue in 2012 was $935 million, broken down as follows:

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula : $395 million;

Natividad Medical Center : $306 million;

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital : $173 million; and

Mee Memorial Hospital : $59 million.

Salinas, CA Natividad Medical Center Level II Trauma Center Off To A Good Start

by Richard Kuehn on 10/20/14

It's such a relief that Natividad Medical Center's Level II trauma center is open.  Precious lives will be saved now that trauma patients won't have to be helicoptered up to San Jose which can waste the minutes needed to save someone's life.  The first weekend it was open, the emergency department took in six trauma patients during one 24-hour period.  Those helped have been involved in auto accidents, and victims of stabbings and shootings.  The trauma center will operate for the next few months and produce data to an independent panel in December, which will then decide if Natividad can have the unit officially designated as a Level II trauma center.  However, it would be extremely unusual if it wasn't approved.  The hospital has invested millions of dollars developing the center and is well aware of the criteria needed to be awarded the official designation.

Carmel, CA Cancer Drugs Which Boost The Immune System (Immunotherapies) The Next Big Hope For Treatment

by Richard Kuehn on 10/20/14

There are exciting developments on the cancer research front, with researchers touting a number of new immunotherapies (drugs which boost the immune system when combined with other drugs).  One drug trial which is showing promising results puts the brake on a protein ominously called the Programmed Death Receptor 1 (PD-1) and a related protein, PD-L1.  AstraZeneca, Merck, Roche and Bristol-Myers Squibb are all working on experiments on this class of drug.  So far, two drugs have been approved in this class (Merck's Keytruda in the U.S.) and Bristol-Myers Opdivo (which has only been approved in Japan but is expected to be approved in the U.S.)  The pace of this research is moving quickly so look forward to a number of new drugs seeking FDA approval. 

Carmel, CA Medical Devices Garnering FDA Approval Lack Safety Evidence, Say Researchers

by Richard Kuehn on 10/19/14

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is coming under fire for approving a number of medical devices which a new research report, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, says didn't have evidence to verify their safety and effectiveness.  The scientists looked at 50 selected medical devices cleared by the FDA over a five year period and found that 42 of them lacked sufficient data to support approval, despite a 1990 law which requires such data.  "It's shocking how little information is available despite an FDA leadership that talks about transparency," Dr. Diana Zuckerman, a study author and president of the National Center for Health Research, told The Wall Street Journal.  In response to the report, the FDA said that it reviews a significant amount of data "Far more than what is publicly available."  However, under the 1990 law, such data is supposed to be made public.  However, debacles like all of the metal-on-metal hips which failed don't help the FDA's argument.

Carmel, CA Social Security COLA Predicted To Be 1.7% : Official Announcement Will Be Out Wednesday

by Richard Kuehn on 10/19/14

For the third year in a row, Social Security, VA, disability and federal retirement recipients will receive a cost of living increase (COLA) of less than 2%.  The increase, beginning in January, will officially be announced on Wednesday and most seniors don't think it will be enough.  "For the middle class, for people that don't qualify for low-income programs, they are dipping into savings or they are borrowing against their homes," Mary Johnson of The Senior Citizens League, told the Monterey Herald.  Sadly, for the first 35 years the COLA was less than 2% only three times but in recent years this has become common.  This will be the fifth time in six years that it's less than 2%.  

Pacific Grove, CA Octogenarian Tells Her Life Stories To Monterey Herald Reporter

by Richard Kuehn on 10/19/14

The front page of The Monterey Herald carried a heartwarming story of Pacific Grove's Lucrecia "Bevva" Cambas who just turned 100 years old.  Born in Argentina, in 1914, she immigrated to the United States at the age of 38.  She was interviewed sitting in her living room playing the piano, her own composition of a tango.  She is a composer, a pianist, artist and composer and now an Octogenarian.  It's wonderful to hear stories from people like this.  Bevva taught literature, history, language and drama as well as founding the Spanish-language theater, La Farsa, while an employee at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Economic cutbacks at MIIS forced her into retirement at age 62.  Little did she know her retirement would last so long!  We have had many clients at Family inHome Caregiving over the years which were over 100.  Most of our current clients are in their 90's.  They all have great stories like Bevva and most have a very positive outlook on life which has taken them far.  Bevva has some great advice to give to us all.  "The big secret is love the life.  Life is beautiful."

Pacific Grove, CA Mediterranean Diet Still Being Touted By Experts

by Richard Kuehn on 10/18/14

Much has been written about how good the Mediterranean diet is for you.  Dr. Michael Roizen, the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic, a specialist on having a healthy body and brain, recommends adding the following foods to your diet:

• Omega – 3 fats

• Salmon, trout

• Walnuts

• Flax seeds

• Chia seeds/grain

• Caffeine In tea, coffee

• Tumeric

• Flavonoids and polyphenols

• Blueberries

• Brown rice

• Almost any fruit or vegetable

• Spinach

• Tea

• Tomatoes

• Onions

• Apples (especially skin)

• Insoluble fiber

• Barley

• Quinoa

• Chia

As well as avoiding the following

• Avoid saturated fat (more than 4 grams in a meal)

• Trans fat (totally)

• Added sugars, syrups (any)

• Any grain but 100% whole grain

Soda and other product that are high in sugar are also to be avoided, and for added health to the brain he recommends:

• Social connections

• A purpose in life

• Mental game stimulation

• Challenging new tasks

• Deep breathing

• Meditation

• A few (1-2) minutes of very intense exercise three times

a week following 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise

(heart rate greater than 80% of 220 minus your calendar

age): the single most important item in this section

These are all good suggestions.  At Family inHome Caregiving, we stress eating right, getting the appropriate amount of exercise and social interaction is also very important.

Paicines, CA Caregiver Private Duty In Home Senior Companion Aide Jobs Available (Also Carmel, Gilroy, Hollister, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach & Salinas)

by Richard Kuehn on 10/18/14

I am happy to say that business is booming at Family inHome Caregiving!  We have had a greater than anticipated influx of new Clients over the past two weeks, many of which have been referrals from past and current Clients.  Our reputation for having the best caregivers in Monterey County is growing.   We are currently looking for a handyman as well as qualified caregivers.

Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey is seeking compassionate, mature and dependable caregivers (Companion Aides) who want to improve the lives of our elderly Clients by providing in-home, non-medical care, particularly those seeking live-in positions or those who can work 24-hour shifts.  Our services include:

        Caring companionship

        Meal preparation

        Incidental transportation

        Running errands

        Light housekeeping

        Medication reminders

        Monitoring of safety while bathing

        Information and referral services

        Other services that improve the safety, security and quality of life of seniors.

If you believe you would make an exceptional Companion Aide, we would love to hear from you!  We prefer those with experience helping the elderly, disabled and others with mobility problems.  Having cared for those with dementia and/or Alzheimer's is a plus.  To work for us, you must have excellent references, a clear criminal record, a good driving record, and an insured reliable vehicle.  To apply, please visit our web site, click on careers where you can fill out an application online.  We have immediate openings all over Monterey County.  Service areas include:

Aromas, Carmel, Carmel-by-the-sea, Carmel Highlands, Carmel Valley, Castroville, Corral de Tierra, Del Rey Oaks, Gilroy, Gonzales, Greenfield, Hollister, King City, Marina, Monterey,  Morgan Hill, Moss Landing, Paicines, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Prunedale, Salinas,  San Juan Bautista, Sand City, Seaside, Soledad And Tres Pinos

Monterey, CA Elder Abuse Town Hall Being Held By Senator Monning & Assemblyman Mark Stone On October 28 At Oldemeyer Center

by Richard Kuehn on 10/18/14

Who says that there is no such thing as a free lunch?  Senator Bill Monning & Assemblyman Mark Stone are holding a two hour presentation on fraud prevention Tuesday, October 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Oldemeyer Center at 986 Hilby Avenue in Seaside.  Senior Citizens and their families are invited to attend the Town Hall entitled "Schemes, Scams & Rip-Offs" which will be followed by a luncheon.  You must RSVP in advance with Francine at 899-6809.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest scams against seniors, which can change from day to day.  At Family inHome Caregiving we see seniors abused financially all of the time.  Sometimes these scams come from the outside, but they are often done by those the senior believes are friends or even their own family.  If you hire a caregiver, make sure that they are bonded and insured.  Many seniors hire caregivers off of with disastrous consequences.

Pacific Grove, CA Diabetes Update: Soda Makers Agree To Market Lower Calorie Options

by Richard Kuehn on 10/17/14

I've written many times on my blog about excess sugar increasing the risk of diabetes.  I was glad to read that Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper have all announced that they will try and reduce the calories we are getting by 20% over the next decade.  The Clinton Global Initiative was responsible for pressuring the soda industry to focus on marketing smaller sized drinks, bottled water and diet drinks (although the jury is out on the latter, with some researchers saying diet soda may actually increase the risk of diabetes).  Many seniors have already switched to more healthy options, with the caloric intake from drinks falling by 12% between 2000 and 2013.  It's part of a broader trend in America, with seniors paying more attention to a healthier diet.   

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