The History of Family inHome Caregiving:

After nearly two decades of caregiving, both in a professional environment and for a 90+ year old family member, who lived with me I became convinced of the need for a service which provides very personal assistance to the elderly. 
After observing how other Home Care Organizations operate, I believed that I could provide a better way of life for seniors by providing sensitive, caring, quality service.  I have found that it's very important that Home Care Aides be properly screened and matched with the elderly when they require outside assistance to remain in their own home.  When done properly, this can assist them in leading a healthier and happier life. 
In addition to providing help with day-to-day chores, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), our Home Care Aides can lift the spirits of seniors by taking them out on walks, shopping and to senior centers and other areas where they can network with others.  I believe that keeping the mind active and ensuring that our Clients get more social interaction can be as important to good health as exercise. 
Family members who are caregivers are also given a much-needed break.  My team is committed to making this happen for more seniors in Monterey County and look forward to working with you to carry out this vision. 

Our Mission:
We will be leaders in the in-home caregiving industry, enriching our Client’s lives by providing a nurturing atmosphere and enhancing independence through specialized in-home caregiving practices. Working in partnership with our Clients, we create an environment that encourages growth from within and a sense of well being.

Vision Statement:
Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey’s (FHC) vision is to be recognized and respected as one of the leading providers of in-home caregiving in Monterey, CA.
​​Our Core Values: ​
Passion for our clients:
Providing passionate care for our Clients is essential to our success.
Listening to, and acting on behalf of our Clients builds our strong relationship.
Our commitment is to help each Client understand that they are the most essential part of our business.
Foster a sense of well being:
Providing an environment for our Clients to succeed in daily activities.
Assure our Clients that a well-established caregiver has been hired to promote self-worth in a Client.
Provide a nurturing environment:
Nurturing our Client’s needs will help Clients perform better in their home environment.
Gathering information and coaching Clients will benefit their sense of improvement.
Caring to take the extra time will result in enhanced self-worth for the senior.

Compassion is shown to all, no matter what the situation.
Embrace our differences by showing compassion to the beliefs of others.
  1. Nana and Richard
    Nana and Richard
    With a reputation for leadership in the caregiving industry, Richard Kuehn has more than three decades’ experience of corporate leadership in finance, communications, accounting, legal, employee development and elder care. He has also been appointed by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to the: Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council as District #5 Representative and to the Advisory Committee for the In Home Support Services (IHSS). Nursing his grandmother back to health in 2006 rekindled Richard’s early memories of success as an employee of an assisted living center. Then and now he came to the same realization: Seniors can safely stay in their homes and enjoy quality lives. What they need is the right help, encouragement, care, exercise, and most importantly, love. Richard believes that if he can help a few people put a smile on their face, he will have done something positive. Richard’s goal is to stand up for the needs of the elderly as their advocate in Sacramento, California and in Washington, DC.
  2. Martha k Brown
    Martha K. Brown
    Nana didn't develop Alzheimer's disease until she was about 90 years old, and it was not until after her death that I realized that she was partially aware of its onset, although she didn't know the disease had a name. When speaking with me, she would always pretend like she was fully aware of what was going on, saying she remembered things when she clearly did not and getting irritated and making sure you knew she didn't want you to go there if you quizzed her about something more in depth. In preparing for her funeral, there was a treasure box in her coffin in which you could place pictures, notes, any memorabilia that you wanted to be buried with her. When going through her scrap books and pulling out pictures, I found many had little stories on the back. There would be notes like, "Ask who this is--a good friend I think in Palm Springs" or "Find out more...at dinner somewhere up north?" Like most Alzheimer's patients, however, she tried to hide the symptoms of the disease. Embarrassed by her forgetfulness, she didn't want to talk about it. I wish we could have discussed it while she was still alive.
  3. Rjk
    Richard J. Kuehn
    I am actively involved in fighting for senior citizen's rights, having gone to California’s State Capitol in Sacramento over several years to lobby, as well as attending a local town hall meeting with my Assembly member. I also started the non-profit corporation Hands to Help Seniors to solicit donations which helps provide in-home caregiving services for the impoverished, as well as delivering other goods and services to the elderly who aren't fortunate enough to be able to hire a caregiving service. I have also been appointed by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to represent district #5 on the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council and I sit on the Executive Council for the AAA Advisory Council. In addition, I have been appointed by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to sit on the In Home Support Services, Advisory Council.