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We wish to congratulate our Home Care Aide of the Year, Colleen Heck.

What makes this Home Care Aide an exceptional choice for Home Care Aide of the Year?

Colleen is the kind of person who likes working with elderly people. She has a caring heart and always puts her best foot forward and shows a positive attitude toward our Clients, she is encouraging to clients and people around her.
Her clients love her. They have told me things such as: “Colleen is wonderful! Mom enjoys her. She comes up with great things to do when she is with my mom to keep her attention and help her feel good.” “She always cooks for us.” “She is a loving and caring person who is willing and able to do whatever needs to be done…She seems to like me and we enjoy visiting.” “She always has a smile on her face.”
All of this is true! In fact, these are only part of the many reason that we have named Collen Heck our Home Care Aide of the Year for 2016. We hope you have enjoyed working with us as much as we have enjoyed having you as a Home Care Aide Since September 4, 2014.
 We also wish to congratulate our Home Care Aide of the Quarter, Danielle Monroe.
Danielle plays a big role in the daily activities of one of our Clients, in both planning and implementing. She has been instrumental in helping train new caregivers that came on board so the continuity of care is maintained. The responsibility that she has shown by stepping up to the plate to train and fill in for other Home Care Aides has been invaluable and noticed by the Client and employees of Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey.
Danielle is dependable, reliable, and flexible when the need arises. We know our Clients receive excellent care when she is on the job. She is always good for an interesting conversation. She sees what needs to be done, and does it without any prompting, whether it is taking out the trash, or adjusting her personal schedule to take a client to a needed doctor’s appointment. Danielle is an excellent Home Care Aide and a great employee. For these reasons, we have bestowed up on her the title of Home Care Aide of the Quarter.