There were 291 new coronavirus cases detected in Monterey County today, bringing the total to 17,926.  There were seven new hospitalizations and two new deaths reported.  Monterey County hospitals are expected to get 2,925 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine this week, as well as 4,700 of the Moderna vaccine.  State data shows that 23 patients with COVID-19 are in ICU at the county’s four hospitals, with 19 ICU beds unoccupied.  However, Salinas Valley Memorial hospital is under intense pressure, with 36 COVID-19 patients, up 16% from last week.  CHOMP has 27 coronavirus-positive patients, including 11 in intensive care and it has only three ICU beds available.  Across the country, there were 184,248 new cases, bringing the total to 16.5 million.  Deaths rose by 1,402 to more than 300K for the first time.  In California, the number of new cases almost doubled to 42,063 for a cume total of 1.6 million.  Deaths rose by 28 to 21,054.  These numbers are alarming, please stay at home as much as possible.

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