There were 592 new COVID-19 cases announced for Monterey County, bringing the total up to 32,394 with no new hospitalizations and 10 new deaths for a total of 242.  Nationwide, there were over 300K new cases for a total in excess of 22 million.  The number of new cases has risen every day for the last five days.  Deaths rose by almost 3,700 to 370,700.  In California, the situation is bleak with a heavy outbreak in Southern California.  Los Angeles County’s four public hospitals are full and are rationing care for the first time.  Ambulances have been advised to cut back on their use of oxygen and the National Guard is bringing in refrigerated trucks to haul out corpses.  In California, the average number of new cases per day had increased 15% over the prior week.  Our state had 52,086 new cases, for a total of 2.658 million.  Deaths rose by 652 (+2%) to a total of 29,294.  Please stay home as much as possible.  Stay safe.

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