Quality Care Around the Clock

For those who need assistance around the clock, we are happy to provide fully customized, 24/7 care. Our 24-Hour Care considers all of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) for our clients and establishes a healthy routine around each clients’ individual needs. Care plans for our 24-Hour Care clients are carefully built around their health care professionals’ recommendations and our intake assessment. These plans ensure that all ADLs are properly addressed, including meal preparation, laundry, changing bedding, and personal care.

Family inHome Caregiving’s 24-Hour Care is perfectly tailored to each clients’ needs, no matter their living situation or level of independence. We care for clients living alone in their home, living in a facility, and even for couples that are living at home or in a facility. Whether we care for one client or two, no matter the location, all of our caring and compassionate Home Care Aides provide top-notch service perfectly fitting to each client’s needs.

Our 24-Hour Care services are 100% customized to each clients’ needs. They may include:

Light house-making

Meal preparation

Washing and folding laundry

Assistance with bathing and/or showering

Assistance with grooming, shaving, and oral care

In-bed care, such as bed bathing, feeding, in-bed dressing and position changes

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