Quality of Life Comes First

Family inHome Caregiving’s companion care services are designed to provide your loved one the assistance they need while respecting and encouraging their independence. Quality of life is at the forefront of each of our care plans. We ensure that our clients remain active and socially engaged, and that they maintain a healthy lifestyle, including delicious, healthy meals and exercise.

Our caregivers ensure that our seniors remain as independent as possible and can enjoy the activities in life that they’ve always enjoyed. We are happy to provide whatever assistance is needed, but we don’t believe in over-assisting: If our client can complete a task on their own, we encourage their independence by taking a collaborative approach—we’ll do the task together rather than do it for them.

By assisting where needed while encouraging an independent, healthy lifestyle, our companion care services allow our clients to lead longer, happier lives.


100% Customized Service

Our Companion Care services are 100% customized to each clients’ needs. They may include:

Coordinating entertaining activities, such as crafts, puzzles, board games and more

Scheduling appointments

Grocery shopping

Caring for pets

Transportation to and from appointments and activities

Assistance with exercises, walking, and transferring

Request for Assessment

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