Pacific Grove, CA Senior Diabetics Take Note : Sleep Habits Can Alter Your Circadian Rhythms

Getting a good night’s rest is important to seniors, however, sleeping a consistent number of hours is important as well.  A review of studies which was published in Endocrine Review found that a sleep shift of even an hour was enough to decrease insulin sensitivity.  To get more helpful tips on diabetes, visit Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, CHOMP’s, Diabetes and Nutrition website.  You will find useful information about support groups, classes and more.

Another useful resource is Community Health Innovations.  A full 45% of Monterey County residents have Diabetes or pre-Diabetes!

Monterey, CA Check Out CHOMP’s Diabetes Self-Management Series

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, CHOMP, has a great Diabetes Self-Management Series and the cost of the sessions may be covered by Medicare if you have a referral from a physician.  Learn more about your diabetes and the day-to-day skills needed to live a healthy life and prevent complications.  Registered dieticians and nurses will hold one-on-one sessions with you and talk about monitoring your blood sugar levels, the best diet, medication and non-medication options to keep you healthy.  Call 649-7220 for more information.

Carmel, CA Carb Counting Important For Diabetics

The September/October Issue of Diabetes Forecast (page 30) had an article about how important carb counting is when you are diabetic.  Compared with protein and fat, carbs have the greatest effect on your blood glucose.  By counting how many grams of carb you’ll be eating, you can more accurately dose mealtime insulin and keep your blood glucose level stable.  Read the labels on prepared foods that you buy, many of them will already have this information.

First Alzheimer’s Blood Test Is Available

Although the test has not yet been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA),  C2N Diagnostics has started selling a first of its kind : a blood test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.  Founders of the company include Dr. David Holtzman and Dr. Randall Bateman, both from the Washington University School of Medicine.  The easiest way to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease to date has been an expensive PET brain scan which most insurance companies don’t cover.  The new blood test is not covered by insurance either.  However, the company offers discounts based on income against the retail price of $1,250. Speak to your doctor about ordering it if you are having concerns about dementia.

Monterey, CA Diabetes Can Cause Psychological Problems

Diabetes can cause a number of other medical problems.  However, few people focus on the emotional distress which can be caused by managing the disease.  In a survey of 8,918 people with diabetes, about one in five said they experienced a negative psychological impact “most or all of the time,” and that diabetes was “taking up too much of their daily life.”  The same number also said they felt they needed a referral to a psychologist but haven’t been given one.  Women were about twice as likely as men to feel the need for a psychologist.  A great resource for this in Monterey County is CHOMP, which has a great diabetes management program.