Carmel, CA Tip For Diabetics : Exercise Frequently : By Derek Baine

If your job requires you to do a lot of sitting, make sure you take frequent breaks especially if you are diabetic.  The ADA’s 2020 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes recommends doing a light activity for every 30 minutes of uninterrupted sitting.  Sitting increases insulin resistance, and it also increases blood pressure and impedes blood flow.  I know that this is tough to do now after the state has been on lockdown for so long.  But give it a try go down to Point Lobos or the beach, and even try taking a walk around the block!

Pebble Beach, CA Home Care Aide (HCA) Senior Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiver Jobs Available CNA or HHA Preferred

Pebble Beach, CA Home Care Aide (HCA) Senior Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiver Jobs Available CNA or HHA Preferred (Also Aromas, Big Sur, Carmel, Carmel-by-the-sea, Carmel Valley, Castroville, Corral-de-Tierra, Del Rey Oaks, Gonzalez, Greenfield, King City, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Prunedale, Salinas, Seaside and Soledad

We have developed a reputation for having the best caregivers (Home Care Aides or Senior Companions) in Monterey County.   We are currently looking for qualified caregivers.

Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey is seeking compassionate, mature and dependable caregivers who want to improve the lives of our elderly Clients by providing in-home, non-medical care.  Our services include:

Caring companionship

Meal preparation

Incidental transportation

Running errands

Light housekeeping

Medication reminders

Monitoring of safety while bathing

Information and referral services

Other services that improve the safety, security and quality of life of seniors.

If you believe you would make an exceptional Home Care Aide, we would love to hear from you!  We prefer those with experience helping the elderly, disabled and others with mobility problems.  Having cared for those with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s is a plus.  To work for us, you must have excellent references, a clear criminal record, a good driving record, and an insured reliable vehicle.  To apply, please visit our website, click on home care aides, then careers where you can fill out an application online.  We have immediate openings all over Monterey County.

Pebble Beach, CA Estate Planning In A Coronavirus World : By Derek Baine

AARP Bulletin in their November 2020 issue (page 22) had an interesting article about more and more couples looking at estate planning now that the coronavirus is making the future outlook bleak.  Keep in mind that you can write a will at any time, even if you are sick in the hospital.  Most estate planners recommend setting up a living trust, which gives you a lot of flexibility on how your assets are distributed following your death.  Experts warn that doing a joint will for a couple is a terrible idea—they aren’t even legal in some states.  Leaving more to one child than another almost guarantees that the will could be challenged.  Stepchildren aren’t automatically treated as children for legal purposes.  There are a lot of moving pieces in an estate plan so consult with your attorney.

Monterey, CA Coronavirus Update From A Carmel Caregiver

There were only 23 new COVID-19 cases reported in Monterey County during the last five days, with just one new death.  Business owners are relieved that we were moved into the Yellow Tier yesterday, which means an increase in capacity for restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, the aquarium, etc.   Bars that do not serve food can reopen outdoors.  Nationwide, the numbers have also moderated significantly.  There were only 17,119 new cases reported today.  Over the past week, there have been only 96,911 new cases.  By comparison, just a couple of weeks ago we were reporting over 75K new cases per day.  Deaths over the past week have been fairly modest at 3,168.  The CDC released data on “breakthrough infections” which are people that get COVID-19 after being vaccinated.  There were only 9,245 breakthrough cases out of more than 95 million fully vaccinated Americans as of April 26.  Studies suggest immunocompromised people or those on medications that interrupt their immune system (such as those on chemo or who have had an organ transplant or are on dialysis) are less likely to be protected by the COVID-19 vaccine. In California, there were 10,114 new cases in the last week, versus 3,348 in just one day on May 14. Deaths over the last week were 356, which is still considered modest.  It sure looks like we are quickly coming out of the woods. Please, if you have not been vaccinated, do so right away!

Pacific Grove, CA Elder Abuse Alert : Fed Ex And UPS Tracking Alerts Could Be Fake : By Derek Baine

Unfortunately, elder abuse scams continue to abound.  The latest; fake package notifications from, FedEx, UPS and others.  With e-commerce sales hitting an all-time high due to the coronavirus, more and more email delivery alerts are popping up but they may not all be legitimate.  Fake email messages often contain the logo of the shipping company, making them look more legitimate.  Getting you to click on a link is the main objective of these scams.  Others send an attachment with malware in it, so never click on an attachment from an unknown sender.  Most come with a call to action such as purporting there is a problem with the shipping address or the payment method, attempting to get you to click through.  Always go to where you made the purchase to check on the order status.

Salinas, CA Aging At Home Is Now In Vogue : Assisted Living On The Outs : By Derek Baine

coronavirus is changing the way Americans face retirement by “accelerating developments already under way,” physician Bill Thomas said to the reporter.  “It’s going to make people rethink retirement altogether,” Laura Carstensen, director of Stanford University’s Center on Longevity said.  Most people will age at home, and remain independent, she said.  I believe that her view is true.  With roughly 40% of COVID-19 being staff and residents of nursing homes, nobody wants to go into a facility these days.  We have been getting a number of calls from fearful children who want to get their parents out of assisted living and back home, where they can reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure.  Although COVID-19 will eventually be wiped out, there will clearly be more devastating diseases in the future which makes these facilities dangerous.

Congratulations To Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System : By Derek Baine

Congratulations are in order to SVMH, which was awarded Magnet recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center this month.  The award is for meeting rigorous standards of nursing excellence and is given to only 8% of hospitals in the U.S.  There are now 34 hospitals in California identified as Magnet hospitals.  “Achieving Magnet recognition, especially in the face of COVID-19, is a testament to our staff and high standard,” SVMH President & CEO Pete Delgado said in a statement.

Tech Giants Jump Into Rapidly Growing Healthcare Business : By Derek Baine

Google parent Alphabet Inc. and hospital chain HCA Healthcare struck a deal this week to develop algorithms using patient records which could help physicians make more informed decisions about patient care.  They aren’t the only ones to jump into the rapidly growing healthcare space.  JPMorgan Chase is investing $250 million in startups and technologies which are meant to make healthcare more efficient and effective. and Walmart have also partnered on primary care which will enable them to push their prescription pharmaceuticals business.  The U.S. is projected to spend about $4 trillion on healthcare this year (according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). That’s roughly 20% of GDP so it’s no big surprise that these big companies are jumping into this fast growing sector.

Can A Robot Be The Cure For Lonely Seniors? By Derek Baine

There was an interesting article in the May 31 issue of The New Yorker (page 24) about Virginia Kellner, who got her cat, which she named Jennie, for her ninety-second birthday.  The catch—it’s not real.  The Department of the Aging started offering robotic dogs and cats to seniors as part of a New York state loneliness intervention project.  A Meals on Wheels driver delivered the pet to her, and was as curious as Virginia to open the box.  Virginia pulled the cat’s tail, and it let out a tinny meow: one of more than thirty sounds and gestures like eye closing, mouth opening and head turning which the Joy for All cats are designed to make.  What a wonderful idea!


Carmel, CA Financial Mishaps Can Be Signs Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease, By Derek Baine

I wrote previously on my blog about the Alzheimer’s Association’s list of “Causes and Risk Factors For Alzheimer’s Disease” and I saw a follow up article the New York Times posted today stating that financial mistakes may be an indication of dementia.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have a relative who is in charge of a large amount of money who has early-onset dementia, this could be very dangerous.  In fact, they could lose everything.  The article did a deep dive into Maria Turner, who saw a red pick up truck she liked on eBay, clicked on a button and spent $20,000.  The next morning she woke up having no recollection of having bought the truck.  The experience scared Maria, a critical care nurse.  “I made a joke out of it, but it really disturbed me,” she told the NYT.  Six years later, at the age of only 53, she had to see a doctor after she had binged on everything from garden gnomes to shoes.  Doctors told her that imaging of her brain showed all of the hallmarks of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative disease.  It could have been caused by injuries in her youth falling from horses, but doctors said there was evidence she was developing Alzheimer’s disease and frontal lobe dementia.  This is a sad story, but not a new one. Regular readers of my blog know that both my father and grandmother had this terrible disease when they passed away.  There are wonderful people at our local chapter of Alzheimer’s Association in Ryan’s Ranch.  They also have a 24-hour hotline if you need support at 800-272-3900.