Monterey, CA Elder Abuse Alert : Social Security Scam

You read about the latest scams in the paper on almost a daily basis, but I just got a call myself on my cell phone with a robot saying, “Your Social Security number was used fraudulently in a transaction in Laredo, Texas.  Please press 1 to speak to an officer.”  I typically screen my calls, but since this was coming from an 831 area code I was curious and picked up the phone.  I hung up without pressing 1 and when I googled the telephone number it was a cell phone, so surely it was not the Social Security Administration.  Be careful, these scams seem to increase around holiday time.


Pebble Beach, CA Elder Abuse Alert : Medicare Scam

Senior citizens are complaining to AARP that they are getting calls from Medicare claiming that because of the coronavirus, they were issuing plastic cards now and asking people to verify their Social Security number.  These are not representatives of Medicare, these are scammers trying to get your personal information so that they can commit identity theft.  Beware! Comes Out With New Elder Care System For Alexa is moving into the older adult market with a big splash, an extension of Alexa called “Care Hub” while also adding tools for Alexa for Hospitality.  The app allows remote connections and monitoring between older adults and their loved one.  Care Hub also offers customizable alerts.  For instance, alerting a loved one the first time the elderly person uses Alexa each day, as well as giving an alert if the senior is inactive for a certain period of time.  It also comes with features like “Alexa, call for help” which will notify a family member immediately.  This is great that is building its presence in this growing market after its acquisition of PillPack.