Hospital Care At Home To Be The New Norm?

There is growing interest to shift hospital services into patients’ homes, a movement that started even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.  Startups are providing technology to bring medical services into the home and well-known Venture Capital companies are backing them.  Hospitals are finding that some common illnesses like urinary-tract infections can be effectively treated at home.  This is a very common ailment for seniors and it would be great to see them recover from this at home.  Hospital-at-home care hasn’t taken off in large part due to the fact that insurance companies haven’t covered it.  However, many are trying to convince Medicare and private insurance companies with data published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showing home hospitalization reduced costs, healthcare use and readmissions, while increasing physical activity compared with typical hospital care.  In addition, Medicare recently introduced a new program whereby hospitals can be reimbursed for home care they provide to patients during the pandemic.

Monterey, CA Coronavirus Update From A Carmel Caregiver : 1,759 New Cases

After being completely silent since January 1, Monterey County reported today that there have been 1,759 new cases bringing the total over 30,000 with 20 new fatalities for a total of 216. Natividad has seven COVID-19 patients, CHOMP 10, and Salinas Valley Memorial has 14.  The hospitals have 2, 3 and 8 open ICU beds respectively.   Nationwide, there were 198K new cases for a total of 20.889 million to date, while deaths rose by 3,127 to 355,524.  In California, there were 30,375 new cases for a cume total of 2.475 million while deaths rose by 382 to 27,020.  Please stay home and stay safe!


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Monterey, CA Nursing Homes Hit Hardest By COVID-19

I recently wrote about the fact that although the number of cases of coronavirus in nursing homes is low as a percentage of all cases, they account for a full 40% of deaths from COVID-19.  California’s Department of Public Health has listed 21 skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities that have reported COVID-19 cases.  The worst by far is Windsor Monterey Care Center at 78, followed by Pacific Coast Post Acute at 72, and Windsor The Ridge Rehab Center which has had 67 patient cases and 62 staff members carrying the virus.  Cypress Ridge Care Center has had 49 patients with coronavirus and 40 staff members, while Windsor Skyline Care Center has had 47 patients and 14 staff members with the virus.

This data shows why local hospitals are discharging many patients to their homes rather than have them go to a rehab center prior to going home.